Spiritual/Wiccan Services

I am a practicing Witch/Wiccan and offer some select services in line with the path that I follow. If you are looking for something in particular or would like more information please do get in touch and I will be happy to talk to you.

Smudging Price £20

Rune casting £10


Smudging, also called  negative energy removal or air cleansing.

This service is performed using a smudging stick, usually comprised of white sage. The smoke is wafted around your home in order to cleanse the air and rid your home of any unwanted energies.

Rune casting

Do you need help making a decision? Unsure of what the future holds? Or maybe you are just intrigued as to what the Gods have to say?

Rune casting can help guide you in your decisions.

Using rune stones marked with the letters of the vikings together we can ask the Gods to help and guide you.